Sunday, 28 August 2011

Superhero DINOSAURS!

Flicker user and artist d.r3sto* has created these fucking awesome illustrations of a selection of Cretaceous Super heroes! They are all awesome with a capital ZOMFG!!! although these are my faves ...



Captain Ameritops


All are available as prints from here

Injecting a Little Colour

This is pretty Darned cool!

Via:The Daily Mail

Through mixing coloured sugar solution with a paraffin base (in order to allow the drops to retain their shape), Scientist Dr Babu managed to change colour of some ants in his back garden, owing to the translucent nature of the ants abdomens, apparently the ants had a preference for lighter colours favouring yellow and green over darker red and blue...
thank god he's not wasting his time on curing cancer...

Printable Full Disguise

Just in case you ever needed one....
Full size available here!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sharky and George

Shark attacks newlywed, its like something off of jaws, this cold blooded 'beast' is picking off tourists, granted dying isn't the most pleasant of past times, but is no one really looking below the surface at the real problems?
Sharks are becoming increasingly scarce within our oceans due to pollution, over fishing of prey items and of course the fishing otf sharks I the only one to sit back in my chair and predict the inevitable 'witch hunt' which is bound to ensue, and think its all a little sad?
Granted sharks scare the absolute crap out of me, hell swimming in large expanses of water scares me enough, even seaweed is creepy as fuck with its long creepy tendrills, and don't even get me started on squid. But my take of it all is that sharks stopped evolving millions of years ago, they earned their right to live in the seas, after fighting of ichtyosaurs and a spattering of the cretacious, and now even killer whales have started bullying them, the once apex predator of the seas has been pushed into a dustbin by none other than free Willy, those cetaceans are organised.
I think my overall point is that sharks have it hard enough already without tourist boards getting all apocolyptic on their ass, and I wonder how many extra sharks will die solely as a result of all this palava?

Friday, 1 July 2011


So I get back home to realise that my gorgeous girlfriend Anna has planned to bestow a gift apon me, generally such gifts exchanged between us two consist of food based items, but today it seemed she wanted to mix it up a little, and in ll honesty there is only so much chocolate a man can take, and here it is in all its beauty,

Isn't she a beaut? The most garish of colourschemes illustrating the dinosaur alphabet, a marvelous array of archeic ankleosaurus and his splendid sidekick kentrosaurous. Beautiful just beautiful
admitedly it was designed primarilly to adorn the bodies of the opposite gender, but hey, who really gives a rats ass, dinosaurs are for sharing any how

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Well from the innermost depths of tonbridge invaded within south Easter finest train carriage sanwiched between a miriad of comuters, I once again resort to my blog as an escape from my surroundings, the stench of a days work with a hint of defeatism hang in the air... But still I cling to my endless optimism almost denying myself of reality, because today at work I gained a prize of such worth, that nothing is even comparable to the magic nestled within my man bag, because today at work I was given a spiderman comic, I hear you gasp in disgust, 'is that all?' You question with distaste and synicism...
No it is not, because this comic also comes with a bounty of toys and stickers that even the richest of men yearn for, and it is mine, without the adult guilt of purchasing it for myself, or the fear my social status will be diminished ( it wad technically a gift from a work collegue) and as a result I am more than pleased that this gift was bestowed on me...
And no, I don't feel guilty for the poor child that left this in my who left this in my shop, if you can't look after things you don't deserve to have them in the first place

Monday, 27 June 2011

Well as I sit here at the station on my new self Syncing all dancing magical device that is my phone, its a glorous machine that never seems to fail to baffle me, its been a while since I last updated with the main contributing factor being that I now have a real life bonifide real job.
My new occupation of choice is a petshop senior sales assistance which I cannot deny that I love, granted the  pay isn't spectacular but the work is rewarding and the staff are little less than amazing, in addition to this the logos and notices make me smile from the inner most recesses of my soul, be it the companies logo petey the dog or the security seal that soley protects the deliveries , they make my day without fail :)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Well, of late i have been up to lots, i say lots in the most generic of ways, i mean really even at rest our homeostatic processes still continue to maintain our metabolic rate constantly, and in reality i haven't achieved much more than that, but as a result of a distinct lack of work coming my end of the court i have had the opportunity to draw like a madman, with varying degrees of success... quite a few cartoons especially, and have definitely been influenced by my art based copains. In addition to this my latest 'GIMP stint' has also given me another tool to use at my disposal, which is always handy, especially when my comic book layout leaves a significant amount to be desired...
The first is inspired by my best friend Joe, who spends far to much time in the shower, allowing me (among others) to speculate what in blazes he actually gets up to in there...

The majority of my doodles and drawings has generally consisted of pages of Pokemon', because quite frankly they are a tad AWESOME, also i am seething that I am unable, due to both a lack of a DS (which I had to sell in order to feed myself at university) and money.
In short a FUCKING MASSIVE WASP has decided to cohabit alongside the rest of my family, making its filthy nest of looming death in my roof space, alongside artifacts from my youth including my TMNT figures, man I bloody hate wasps, yes they are a magnificent example of an obligate gregariate arthropod (bugs that die if they don't live in groups) but their swively heads beady 5 eyes and that menacing stare which the continue to maintain even after death causes the inner recesses of my mind to shudder uncontrollable, they make me cringe, so the thought of several hundred swarming above my head is little more than terrifying...

I've also been honing my cartooning somewhat, granted it still has a long way to go, but i cant help but notice that my drawing  ability has been bettered by my prolonged unemployment somewhat... these are some quick sketched of mainly my dog, but Joes puppy Clifford, had to make an appearance (as per usual)

Oh! one of the few things i have actually done is finally managed to sit down and watch My neighbour Totoro (finally) which although not much actually happens in the film is still somewhat enchanting in its nature (also i totally want that catbus) and has seen some appearances in my doodles...
 and around the house....
I wonder if those seeds will start growing now?

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Gimp Continued

Well I've been playing on GIMP lots, with emphasis on old vintage style, I love it, my brush sets are all geared up to this design orientation of mine, I've done a few things, but I've found the most simple things seem to turn out the best....
Man points this was so ridiculously easy to do once I knew the Basics :D
Mandatory Lightsabre Edit

this was actually one of my earlier creations, when i was having fun with fonts...

I'm definitely not the most savvy of photo editors, but I'm showing a Marked improvement yes?
Also... New banner...its not perfectly aligned but it looks a lot better than the old one!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Morning :D

Got woken from my slumber by my mother this morning, i would of been a bit pissed, but as my eyes unglued themselves and my ears began to draw in the tones of the world, i focused onto a cup of tea and these....
Note: they are made by 'BJ Toys'
also... they are wicked awesome...

Thursday, 24 February 2011

More Jurassic park

I don't know what it is lately...
Heres my girlfriend as Dr. Ellie Sattler sifting through Dino poo, Shes currently doing a dissertation on equine fecal matter, so I thought this scene was pretty apt.
Oh and if you don't get the reference... It's here

Monday, 21 February 2011

Soup Dragon Rider

Inspired by a Facebook post '
  •  What if we had an additional moon?
    2 hours ago · 
  • Dan Asaw there would be an increase in the clanger population, which would give rise to inter lunar wars between the 2 opposing populations, using soup-dragons as flying weaponry, making children's televised broadcasts ridiculously higher in quality!

For those who aren't aware, the Clangers are a space race devised in the 70's which live on a planet called dark space, which communicate though primitive wind instruments sounds, sharing their planed with a spattering of other space creatures, including the Soup Dragon...

And so The Soup Dragon Rider was born...

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Darwin Vs. Pokemon

I'm doodling all over the place today...
Manditory Darwin Vs. pokemon comic...
(again rough as hell)
this originated from my mate kim saying 'where would pokemon be without Darwin? and I asked, what if Darwin got his idea from pokemon... also, slightly influenced by THIS

Jurassic Lark

My good friend Luke, has the tendency to shout 'Anal' at every moment... we both like dinosaurs... so I rewrote the Iconic Jurassic park scene with us in (and my mate Phil as the lawyer) this is the result...

Its rough as hell but meh...

Monday, 14 February 2011


The card I made in the end?

and it  read's 'You are my Treasure' -nothing says love like a ship load of pirates!
I used This Here Template from Robert Sabuda, had to fight with the glue for half hour, and made a few minor modifications (crows nest built the sails and masts separately)

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Valentines Cards

You ready for Valentines day?
Yes, I know, I know, its an occasion created with nothing but profits to fill the gap between Christmas and Easter in mind, but funnily enough girls get ticked off if you don't do anything for them. I do have my reservations however, I refuse to buy roses (because they are both cliche, and mind numbingly expensive around this time of year), But I try my best in the card department, theres never an excuse for a lack of a card in my honest opinion, and not to bother, well thats nothing more than sacrilege in regards to relationships, and will warrant a stern talking to, tears and perhaps a will placed force culmination in the groinal area.

So cards...
I prefer something a little 'different' so here are some nice ideas :D

 A Nintendo themed card perhaps for the geekete in your life? Paperrockscisors has some fantastic valentines cards on her Etsy check them out!
Mario FTW
And  you can't have Zelda without hearts
Via: Etsy 
And if the target of your affection doesn't care for such thing and instead is more of a fan of members of the mollusk family, then theres this awesome downloadable card! ITS FREE I TELLS YA!
From here!

Via: Other stuff...
The last one is definitely my favorite , however this year i have decided to go a little different... The best kind of card is a POP UP! And this fantastic site has everything you need (including printable templates) to impress the target of your affections...

Via Robert Sabuda
Theres loads on there, unicorns, castles, hell theres even STARWARS stuff if that floats your fancy... obviously you need a little imagination in how to effectively utilize these popups, effectively incorporating into a Valentines card design, Picture the above pop-up with a card that says  'I Don't Mind' *opens card* 'LION next to you', queue masses of brownie points.
And remember guys, put in the effort now and your rewards will be reaped on Steak and Blowjob day

Thursday, 10 February 2011

More deer

Nice and simple ;)

More Gimp

Well it seems iI may be improving some what... this only took 15 mins from scan to finish :D added in the texture, colour and a bit of shading, Its a picture of Bambi's mum ;)
Thats a marked improvement from the butterfly yesterday... XD I'll be pro in no time ;)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My fight with Gimp

Well i decided it was time to start learning how to edit images digitally, so far I've managed to make do with default image editing software but as I draw a lot of cartoons I figured I should probably invest in learning some sort of standard photoshop-esk skills. Because I'm poor I downloaded the poor mans version of photoshop, Gimp and have spent the best part of 3 hours playing around with it, after battling with the concept of 'layers' and being the 'fuzzy selects'  bitch for a significant length of time, I scanned in a quick sketch and started pissing about with it...

and hey presto... my first Gimped image
  Man that was a lot of effort just for that! I'm definitely not the most savvy of computer users and it took forever to grab the basic concepts  of the entire programme... but hey... its a start!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Pigeons & Papercrafts

After lurking within the depths of the internet, i came across This gem of a site and as my family keep pigeons, and I got a new printer last week (so cheap it almost hurt) I thought I'd give it a whirl...

Here he is in all his glory...
And then I thought 'Now what the hell do I do with him?'
Solution: Put him in with the birds....
Man did they freak when they saw me coming at them with a block of paper! they were all over the shop, kids were crying, sirens were sounding, but after a while they settles down and got a few pics ...

I'm pretty chuffed, a completely pointless exercise, but it filled in an hour of my unemployed time, which is much more productive then staring at image boards all day, gradually degrading my corneas with the glare from my netbook...

Monday, 7 February 2011

Charity Shop Find...

I love a good dig in a charity shop, most of their 'stock' is crap, granted but occasionally a gem appears, giving a feeling comparable to finding a crisp £5 note in ones pocket.
And today this is it....
For the princely sum of one gold coin, I am now the proud owner of a copy of 'cats with guns' and the contents of this book you ask? To be fair it pretty much says it on the Tin... cats, with guns.
and my personal favorite...
 Man that cat looks like he can see forever , he knows your secrets AND your desires

I just love the idea that someone believed there was a market for such a book, especially with the newfangled invention known as the internet...' hmmm....cats ai? you know what they need.... More Guns!'

Brilliant, just Brilliant

I'm more of a dog man me :D

Cats with guns, coming to a bookstore near you!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Paper Pokemon

Via Pepper and Chips
I have no idea what they are made from, but it is full of awesome :D Cheers Hugh!

Mean while...

In between my epic yet fruitless job hunt, various other things have occured in my life, most of which are boring as fuck, so i won't even bother to even mention them to the internet... But

I Have planted an Avocado seed/stone/pip/man

I had to have an eye bath after a night of getting pissed out of my face over-indulgence after getting what feels like a coat hanger under my eyelid, admittedly this sounds a lot more interesting than it sounds (no bubble bath or nothing)
IT COST 8 bloody quid- for salty water and a plastic pot (which in my eyes does not constitute as an 'eye bath'
Seeing thi bike at the station... with some incredibly foreign Nepalese man on it....

What I love most about this is that his world tour is 9 years long! 9 years? and he's cheating! he got on the train for gods sake! if your taking a bike surely you have to ride said bike rather than take public transport...?
admittedly 9 years is looooooooooooooong at best

And this sign... I really like it :D

Making Finger Puppets

Me make stuff? Never! this is all for my interview (which i totally failed at, but i thought i'd whack this up anyway, i figured someone in the world might think its remotely interesting, you never know...
I think the fox is fucking BADMAN personally, but hey, I just like orange, its not my most favourite pigment, but there are not enough ginger animals, actually maybe that's why farmers hate them... everyone beats on  gingers...

Also the mole looking thing... IT's A BLOODY SHREW GODAMMIT!
This is my preliminary sketches (its based on on food chains btw) God that snail is a happy fellow, look at him go!

The top ones made of felt, but as I couldn't get 10 year olds to sew him together within half hour (along side his mates) so to card i Went (I'm so totally going to make some real felt finger puppets soon methinks)
And a quick how to presentation board:D
I'm pretty chuffed with them, they are cute and quick to make :D definateley need to make some all felt ones mind