Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ping pong balls

Ping pong balls AND Magnets

Via: Buzzfeed 

Forget Van Gough...      THIS IS ART

Monday, 9 April 2012

The Curious Mr Hand

My awesome artist of a mate Mr Luke Hand was kind enough to do a drawing of yours truly, coupled with 2 of my favorite things , Squirtle (my favorite pokemon)  , and Adventure Time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Adventure time its basically a cartoon about a boy named finn and his super stretchy dog called Jake who go on, well Adventures, its ridiculous, childish with adult undertones and pretty darned awesome.And if you don;t know what pokemon are, well you may of been living under a rock for 15 years and there are probably more important things for you to catch up on... Lukes picture was pretty darned ace, but it needed a dash of colour (he just sent me a picture of his picture), so I had to, one again dabble with GIMP and here are the results ...

Lukes other work, is probably infinitely better 
Like this BADMAN Wolf

So what are you waiting for... Check him out 


Bran flakes and chocolate with the festive addition of pipe cleaner chicks and Cadbury's Mini eggs

Although personally i prefer the biscuits, and i can actually eat these because they contain no milk. :D

Mini Boats

These are pleasant, i'm thinking, a few of these say in a little bowl of water on a window sill...  A modest craft consisting of only a cocktail stick, some paper ad a lolly pop stick cut into thirds...

Via: North East of Eden

Internet Spoils

I've been sat on the internet for hours, its cold and rainy outside and im looking for some inspiration... I found these blissful paintings by Mevrouw Walvis, she also makes some pretty darn radical plushies all for her son...

The Parasauralophus is probably my favorite...

Oh and THIS i want to MAKE THIS...

Thursday, 5 April 2012


Mr Snider is a bit of a Boss when it comes to awesome comics, I Luff him, check him out (because he's oh so sexy at Incidental Comics

Looooooooooong Cat

In preparation for a scarf pattern, (which i made ages ago) i made this little fellow, longcat, one of the internets super stars, sure its not the first long cat scarf ever made, but i wanted to start with a simple project from scratch, before embarking on something epic....
I'll post pics of the resultant scarf when i find some pics (if any do indeed exist)
Via: KYM

Mandatory Owls

lets get some owls up in this joint!  really easy to  make with the addition of a sewing machine.. this is the pattern that I happened to use, busting!, its odd how different, little changes make as well, i even gave explorer owl a little backpack, made from a 'leather glove' shaped tag of some of the other half's clothes...

Nan, World Champion

You can't handle the Smackdown...

Guerrilla art...

I was going to throw it away...

left in an underpass, it disappeared within the hour, i hope he has a new home... he deserves it