Thursday, 24 February 2011

More Jurassic park

I don't know what it is lately...
Heres my girlfriend as Dr. Ellie Sattler sifting through Dino poo, Shes currently doing a dissertation on equine fecal matter, so I thought this scene was pretty apt.
Oh and if you don't get the reference... It's here

Monday, 21 February 2011

Soup Dragon Rider

Inspired by a Facebook post '
  •  What if we had an additional moon?
    2 hours ago · 
  • Dan Asaw there would be an increase in the clanger population, which would give rise to inter lunar wars between the 2 opposing populations, using soup-dragons as flying weaponry, making children's televised broadcasts ridiculously higher in quality!

For those who aren't aware, the Clangers are a space race devised in the 70's which live on a planet called dark space, which communicate though primitive wind instruments sounds, sharing their planed with a spattering of other space creatures, including the Soup Dragon...

And so The Soup Dragon Rider was born...

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Darwin Vs. Pokemon

I'm doodling all over the place today...
Manditory Darwin Vs. pokemon comic...
(again rough as hell)
this originated from my mate kim saying 'where would pokemon be without Darwin? and I asked, what if Darwin got his idea from pokemon... also, slightly influenced by THIS

Jurassic Lark

My good friend Luke, has the tendency to shout 'Anal' at every moment... we both like dinosaurs... so I rewrote the Iconic Jurassic park scene with us in (and my mate Phil as the lawyer) this is the result...

Its rough as hell but meh...

Monday, 14 February 2011


The card I made in the end?

and it  read's 'You are my Treasure' -nothing says love like a ship load of pirates!
I used This Here Template from Robert Sabuda, had to fight with the glue for half hour, and made a few minor modifications (crows nest built the sails and masts separately)

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Valentines Cards

You ready for Valentines day?
Yes, I know, I know, its an occasion created with nothing but profits to fill the gap between Christmas and Easter in mind, but funnily enough girls get ticked off if you don't do anything for them. I do have my reservations however, I refuse to buy roses (because they are both cliche, and mind numbingly expensive around this time of year), But I try my best in the card department, theres never an excuse for a lack of a card in my honest opinion, and not to bother, well thats nothing more than sacrilege in regards to relationships, and will warrant a stern talking to, tears and perhaps a will placed force culmination in the groinal area.

So cards...
I prefer something a little 'different' so here are some nice ideas :D

 A Nintendo themed card perhaps for the geekete in your life? Paperrockscisors has some fantastic valentines cards on her Etsy check them out!
Mario FTW
And  you can't have Zelda without hearts
Via: Etsy 
And if the target of your affection doesn't care for such thing and instead is more of a fan of members of the mollusk family, then theres this awesome downloadable card! ITS FREE I TELLS YA!
From here!

Via: Other stuff...
The last one is definitely my favorite , however this year i have decided to go a little different... The best kind of card is a POP UP! And this fantastic site has everything you need (including printable templates) to impress the target of your affections...

Via Robert Sabuda
Theres loads on there, unicorns, castles, hell theres even STARWARS stuff if that floats your fancy... obviously you need a little imagination in how to effectively utilize these popups, effectively incorporating into a Valentines card design, Picture the above pop-up with a card that says  'I Don't Mind' *opens card* 'LION next to you', queue masses of brownie points.
And remember guys, put in the effort now and your rewards will be reaped on Steak and Blowjob day

Thursday, 10 February 2011

More deer

Nice and simple ;)

More Gimp

Well it seems iI may be improving some what... this only took 15 mins from scan to finish :D added in the texture, colour and a bit of shading, Its a picture of Bambi's mum ;)
Thats a marked improvement from the butterfly yesterday... XD I'll be pro in no time ;)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My fight with Gimp

Well i decided it was time to start learning how to edit images digitally, so far I've managed to make do with default image editing software but as I draw a lot of cartoons I figured I should probably invest in learning some sort of standard photoshop-esk skills. Because I'm poor I downloaded the poor mans version of photoshop, Gimp and have spent the best part of 3 hours playing around with it, after battling with the concept of 'layers' and being the 'fuzzy selects'  bitch for a significant length of time, I scanned in a quick sketch and started pissing about with it...

and hey presto... my first Gimped image
  Man that was a lot of effort just for that! I'm definitely not the most savvy of computer users and it took forever to grab the basic concepts  of the entire programme... but hey... its a start!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Pigeons & Papercrafts

After lurking within the depths of the internet, i came across This gem of a site and as my family keep pigeons, and I got a new printer last week (so cheap it almost hurt) I thought I'd give it a whirl...

Here he is in all his glory...
And then I thought 'Now what the hell do I do with him?'
Solution: Put him in with the birds....
Man did they freak when they saw me coming at them with a block of paper! they were all over the shop, kids were crying, sirens were sounding, but after a while they settles down and got a few pics ...

I'm pretty chuffed, a completely pointless exercise, but it filled in an hour of my unemployed time, which is much more productive then staring at image boards all day, gradually degrading my corneas with the glare from my netbook...

Monday, 7 February 2011

Charity Shop Find...

I love a good dig in a charity shop, most of their 'stock' is crap, granted but occasionally a gem appears, giving a feeling comparable to finding a crisp £5 note in ones pocket.
And today this is it....
For the princely sum of one gold coin, I am now the proud owner of a copy of 'cats with guns' and the contents of this book you ask? To be fair it pretty much says it on the Tin... cats, with guns.
and my personal favorite...
 Man that cat looks like he can see forever , he knows your secrets AND your desires

I just love the idea that someone believed there was a market for such a book, especially with the newfangled invention known as the internet...' hmmm....cats ai? you know what they need.... More Guns!'

Brilliant, just Brilliant

I'm more of a dog man me :D

Cats with guns, coming to a bookstore near you!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Paper Pokemon

Via Pepper and Chips
I have no idea what they are made from, but it is full of awesome :D Cheers Hugh!

Mean while...

In between my epic yet fruitless job hunt, various other things have occured in my life, most of which are boring as fuck, so i won't even bother to even mention them to the internet... But

I Have planted an Avocado seed/stone/pip/man

I had to have an eye bath after a night of getting pissed out of my face over-indulgence after getting what feels like a coat hanger under my eyelid, admittedly this sounds a lot more interesting than it sounds (no bubble bath or nothing)
IT COST 8 bloody quid- for salty water and a plastic pot (which in my eyes does not constitute as an 'eye bath'
Seeing thi bike at the station... with some incredibly foreign Nepalese man on it....

What I love most about this is that his world tour is 9 years long! 9 years? and he's cheating! he got on the train for gods sake! if your taking a bike surely you have to ride said bike rather than take public transport...?
admittedly 9 years is looooooooooooooong at best

And this sign... I really like it :D

Making Finger Puppets

Me make stuff? Never! this is all for my interview (which i totally failed at, but i thought i'd whack this up anyway, i figured someone in the world might think its remotely interesting, you never know...
I think the fox is fucking BADMAN personally, but hey, I just like orange, its not my most favourite pigment, but there are not enough ginger animals, actually maybe that's why farmers hate them... everyone beats on  gingers...

Also the mole looking thing... IT's A BLOODY SHREW GODAMMIT!
This is my preliminary sketches (its based on on food chains btw) God that snail is a happy fellow, look at him go!

The top ones made of felt, but as I couldn't get 10 year olds to sew him together within half hour (along side his mates) so to card i Went (I'm so totally going to make some real felt finger puppets soon methinks)
And a quick how to presentation board:D
I'm pretty chuffed with them, they are cute and quick to make :D definateley need to make some all felt ones mind

5 Reasons a European Bison is Better than a Nintendo DS

well i did this for a job interview, which sadly i didn't get, a little gutted, but the world still turns and I still possess a full set of limbs so its not all bad. I blame much of my failure on the room in which I had the pleasure of having my interview which was not unlike the natural history museum, only a little less organised, a large room littered with stuffed badgers, bones, logs, excessive amounts of wasps nests, skulls and other miraculous curios, alas this may of been the crux of my down fall but man that badger was fucking sweet!

Ok Ok! this is the less child friendly version (obviously)
5 Reasons a European Bison is Better than a Nintendo DS

1. A Bison is More Useful around the Home.
Bison's are bloody huge, in fact they are the largest land based (terrestrial) mammal in Europe, these guys are huge, and are strong as hell! And they have MASSIVE horns, usually they use them for ramming each other  at the bar whilst making quips abbout one anothers maternal figures, these features make them brilliant around the house, they can carry your shopping, help nan put away the shopping and make fantastic door stops!

2. Bison Don't Run out of batteries
No more will you have to make the mad dash for the nearest power outlet ripping out the tv power cord from its electrical abode causeing hysteria throughout the household, you wont even need to spend hours hunting the illusive power cord. Bisons dont need any of that shiz, they run on more obtainable fuel that they find in their woodland abodes, preferring a diet of leaves, moss, and when times are hard will even settle for a cheeky gob full of bark, in fact they'll eat any old shit they find laying around, unless it has a face (unlike the Japanese)

3. Bison Love to Go on walks
Man they walk all over the place looking for food and love nothing more than bombing about the woodland in doing so, infact they get really pissed if you construct some form of barrier in their way, they hate that crap! Luckily because Bison love roaming around in groups, they'll even take you too!, it will EVEN carry you if you ask really nicely (they are a stickler for good manners!... A DS doesn't do any of these things, you just sit there and balloon in weight as you shovel in all those doritto's as you level up your Charizard, and when you need to go some where you have to CARRY IT!

4.A Bison Will Keep you Warm in Winter
I'd Like to see a DS do that! In Winter the European Bison Grows uncomfortable amounts of hair which is warmer than the inside of a microwave, they radiate heat! You know when it snowed so much the whole of England stopped for a week? The bison were all like 'Dude did someone leave the door open?'
'But what happens when it gets hot?' i hear you say? well they even have that covered, they shed their winter coats, meaning they are all ready for the beach as soon as the sn comes out... and the left over fur? its perfect for making high quality hair pieces!
5. Bison are Uber Rare, some people haven't even heard of the things, and get them all confused with normal cows and stuff, meaning that if you have a Bison your are roughly a billion times cooler than a DS user.
Like 80 years ago there were no bison in the wild, zilch, zero, nada they got hunted because they make the coolest hats, people cut down their houses and deer ate all their deer (greedy cunts) even the Russian kings were like 'Dudes don't kill my fucking BISON' then the first world war came and the bison got royally screwed over,
after which some clever bloke decided to pool together the remaining captive bison to start a new population (this consisted of 12 individuals).
In the second world war even Hitler protected the remaining Bison and even killed 3 of his own soldiers because they killed one, that's right even Hitler stuck up for bison, the fucking nazi chief stuck up for them (and he hated everything!, That's how cool they are, you can't say that about most animals!

Nowadays there are about 1800 in the wild but they arn't the happiest bunnies ever they all get STI's because their genetics are all crap, so they all have cock rot and so breeding isn't the easiest thing in the world...

But hey id Rather have a European Bison any day!