Sunday, 6 February 2011

Making Finger Puppets

Me make stuff? Never! this is all for my interview (which i totally failed at, but i thought i'd whack this up anyway, i figured someone in the world might think its remotely interesting, you never know...
I think the fox is fucking BADMAN personally, but hey, I just like orange, its not my most favourite pigment, but there are not enough ginger animals, actually maybe that's why farmers hate them... everyone beats on  gingers...

Also the mole looking thing... IT's A BLOODY SHREW GODAMMIT!
This is my preliminary sketches (its based on on food chains btw) God that snail is a happy fellow, look at him go!

The top ones made of felt, but as I couldn't get 10 year olds to sew him together within half hour (along side his mates) so to card i Went (I'm so totally going to make some real felt finger puppets soon methinks)
And a quick how to presentation board:D
I'm pretty chuffed with them, they are cute and quick to make :D definateley need to make some all felt ones mind

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