Sunday, 13 February 2011

Valentines Cards

You ready for Valentines day?
Yes, I know, I know, its an occasion created with nothing but profits to fill the gap between Christmas and Easter in mind, but funnily enough girls get ticked off if you don't do anything for them. I do have my reservations however, I refuse to buy roses (because they are both cliche, and mind numbingly expensive around this time of year), But I try my best in the card department, theres never an excuse for a lack of a card in my honest opinion, and not to bother, well thats nothing more than sacrilege in regards to relationships, and will warrant a stern talking to, tears and perhaps a will placed force culmination in the groinal area.

So cards...
I prefer something a little 'different' so here are some nice ideas :D

 A Nintendo themed card perhaps for the geekete in your life? Paperrockscisors has some fantastic valentines cards on her Etsy check them out!
Mario FTW
And  you can't have Zelda without hearts
Via: Etsy 
And if the target of your affection doesn't care for such thing and instead is more of a fan of members of the mollusk family, then theres this awesome downloadable card! ITS FREE I TELLS YA!
From here!

Via: Other stuff...
The last one is definitely my favorite , however this year i have decided to go a little different... The best kind of card is a POP UP! And this fantastic site has everything you need (including printable templates) to impress the target of your affections...

Via Robert Sabuda
Theres loads on there, unicorns, castles, hell theres even STARWARS stuff if that floats your fancy... obviously you need a little imagination in how to effectively utilize these popups, effectively incorporating into a Valentines card design, Picture the above pop-up with a card that says  'I Don't Mind' *opens card* 'LION next to you', queue masses of brownie points.
And remember guys, put in the effort now and your rewards will be reaped on Steak and Blowjob day

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