Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My fight with Gimp

Well i decided it was time to start learning how to edit images digitally, so far I've managed to make do with default image editing software but as I draw a lot of cartoons I figured I should probably invest in learning some sort of standard photoshop-esk skills. Because I'm poor I downloaded the poor mans version of photoshop, Gimp and have spent the best part of 3 hours playing around with it, after battling with the concept of 'layers' and being the 'fuzzy selects'  bitch for a significant length of time, I scanned in a quick sketch and started pissing about with it...

and hey presto... my first Gimped image
  Man that was a lot of effort just for that! I'm definitely not the most savvy of computer users and it took forever to grab the basic concepts  of the entire programme... but hey... its a start!


  1. i dont even know how to use gimp OR photoshop all that well :(

  2. I've been using GIMP for like eight years now, and it sucks. Photoshop isn't much better though.