Sunday, 19 December 2010

Crochet revisited

it took me an hour, and i'm dropping stitches all over the place, but I am improving, yes it is still my bain, but I am determined  I will conquer it, I will bathe in a bath composed entirely of crocheted wool  .... and to think I almost gave up and resorted to cross stitch... soon my scarf will materialise! soon!

The Evolution of Baking

But as i don't have a my own television and so have to plug my atiquated games console into my brothers, who hibernates like some form or tundra dwelling organism, thus limiting the time i can spend wasting enriching my life through the joys of gaming, I have had to diversify in my recreational activities, yes the pub has been one such thing, but as my accomplice has since had a run in with a frozen puddle and has subsequently damaged his elbow   , which has been set in such a way in which reduces his ability to sleep (although now he has a green arm) i have had to search for another outlet.
And so i bake, I bake obscene amounts of biscuits, after a much needed trip to the local specialist kitchen shop, I had all I needed...

A dinosaur cookie cutter!
and so the much awaited veloceraptor biscuits were born...

the first batch i made... well i went a bit mental with the icing, but hey thats what us artist's call experimentation and i was having a metaphorical whale of a time!
but my next batch, i went for the minimalist approach, eyes are all they needed, well that and claws, with this arsenal of bakery induced evolution, these corony inducing treats would be ready to take on the all manner of prey, eventually taking their rightful place at the top of the food chain ...
and so they were born..

 Yeah they may look cute, but they can rip apart a bourbon  in 20 seconds, I've revolutionised the cookie hierarchy, teatime will NEVER be the same again !

Zelda, A Blast From the past

Of late, life has totally got in the way of living, and so I've been filling in the gaps with metaphorical soul filler as much as possible, a main component of this being the contents of an ominous parcel that arrived from the depths of ebay, although I'm over my addiction of ebay (this is how the majority of low quality and somewhat faulty electronic devices have infiltrated my family home) occasionally its ease to source obscure things rears its convenient yet ugly head (a bit like my uncle). Long story short I now (after 5+ years) am the proud owner of a copy of Windwaker, with the pleasure of playing it having cost me nearly 25 hours of my life. But i forgive it, IT's GORGEOUS to look at, the fairies are not nearly as terrifying as they have been in the last games.
This is bloody terrifying... especially with the haunting shriek that accompanies her... i can understand that the graphics used arn't the most flattering, but jesus, that woman, dispite her usefullness and good nature haunts my dreams.
The new Fairies although ,maintaining their odd appearance, and look at least a little more...human, well a bit...
Via Zelda Dungeon
What i love about it is its Artwork, though, both cell shading within the game and the concept art equally so... even the seas waves are a joy to ride, well for the first few hours... if i could even nearly make stuff up like that in my head I'd be eternally happy, riding unicorns and giving raffle prizes to complete strangers.
Via Destructiod
Look at him, he's so feminine happy! The colour palette, even in the darkest dungeons remains flamboyant  throughout, with even the rolling purple smoke that billows from the inner recesses of a slain foe in-captivating me, yes finding treasure in the endless seas gets a tad tedious, and some of the devilishly devised puzzles have left me shouting abuse at me obsolete console, but overall I'm loving the experience that is playing this game :D.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Kate Beaton does Darwin

Those who havn't seen the joy that is Hark! A vagrant are totally missing out, Kate Beaton is probably the best historical influenced cartoonist to date,  fantabulously (yes that is a real word) using mainly line in most of her comics to create manevolent, whimsical artwork cleverly intwined with modern humor with a dash of realism (in a round about way) 
This comic in particular has made my day a little brighter, including a pokemon reference, Science and a dinosaur-esk drawing (panel 3) 
Via: Hark, A Vagrant, Kate Beaton

If i was half as good at drawing as her i'd be a very happy man

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Let it Snow

After travelling down to Maidstone, the weather decided to bring the whole of Britain to a complete stand still through the provision of frozen flakes of joy, and Britain being being Britain was powerless, power cut out, transport came to a standstill and Facebook was barraged with Snow related statuses.
When it snows there are 2 main groups of people; those who despise it with a passion making it the immediate cause of all that is wrong with the world and those that relish it.
 Yes I have grown up (a bit) and I can see the inconvenience that it can cause, but what's the point of moaning? Especially if you've been wishing for it all year long... sometimes we can learn from children, who seem to develop an instant immunity to the cold when it snows...
I took notes (children are bloody epic at times), and then took the opportunity to make a snow sculpture, the initial plan was a camel, but as my girlfriend pointed out halfway through construction, it wanted to be a dinosaur...

yeah we totally cheated, and utilised a bench and the pictures don't really do it justice, but hey, we had fun :)