Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Evolution of Baking

But as i don't have a my own television and so have to plug my atiquated games console into my brothers, who hibernates like some form or tundra dwelling organism, thus limiting the time i can spend wasting enriching my life through the joys of gaming, I have had to diversify in my recreational activities, yes the pub has been one such thing, but as my accomplice has since had a run in with a frozen puddle and has subsequently damaged his elbow   , which has been set in such a way in which reduces his ability to sleep (although now he has a green arm) i have had to search for another outlet.
And so i bake, I bake obscene amounts of biscuits, after a much needed trip to the local specialist kitchen shop, I had all I needed...

A dinosaur cookie cutter!
and so the much awaited veloceraptor biscuits were born...

the first batch i made... well i went a bit mental with the icing, but hey thats what us artist's call experimentation and i was having a metaphorical whale of a time!
but my next batch, i went for the minimalist approach, eyes are all they needed, well that and claws, with this arsenal of bakery induced evolution, these corony inducing treats would be ready to take on the all manner of prey, eventually taking their rightful place at the top of the food chain ...
and so they were born..

 Yeah they may look cute, but they can rip apart a bourbon  in 20 seconds, I've revolutionised the cookie hierarchy, teatime will NEVER be the same again !

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