Sunday, 5 December 2010

Let it Snow

After travelling down to Maidstone, the weather decided to bring the whole of Britain to a complete stand still through the provision of frozen flakes of joy, and Britain being being Britain was powerless, power cut out, transport came to a standstill and Facebook was barraged with Snow related statuses.
When it snows there are 2 main groups of people; those who despise it with a passion making it the immediate cause of all that is wrong with the world and those that relish it.
 Yes I have grown up (a bit) and I can see the inconvenience that it can cause, but what's the point of moaning? Especially if you've been wishing for it all year long... sometimes we can learn from children, who seem to develop an instant immunity to the cold when it snows...
I took notes (children are bloody epic at times), and then took the opportunity to make a snow sculpture, the initial plan was a camel, but as my girlfriend pointed out halfway through construction, it wanted to be a dinosaur...

yeah we totally cheated, and utilised a bench and the pictures don't really do it justice, but hey, we had fun :)

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