About This Blog

Basically, after leaving university, there has been a distinct lack of activity on the employment front, and so to prevent my self from failing into a pit of despair I decided to create a blog (its also on my list of things to do before I die, but I digress...) thus filling in the gaps between my sporadic periods of paid work, it keeps me sane, and allows me to keep a log of what I have and haven't done.

There is no 'overall theme' to my corner of the interweb and it is a tad 'spontaneous' at the best of times, in essence its mainly things I've been up to, seasoned with a helping of 'look what I found'.
 My main interests are Nature, crafts and Invertebrates, which i keep personally, so there will be plenty of the before mentioned appearing within this space along with a side of geekery.
 I try to look on the lighter side of life, and nothing particularly offends me (partially because of over exposure to the internet), which helps, so try not to take everything too seriously, because frankly, I don't.

I apologise before hand for the masses of grammatical and spelling errors (my keyboard is tiny), and let me know what you think, its always beneficial to get some constructive feedback, humans are gregarious by nature, lets keep it that way.

This blog is primarily for myself and friends, but in reality everyone is welcome, and if you enjoy a good cuppa tea, well thats a cheeky bonus