Sunday, 6 February 2011

Mean while...

In between my epic yet fruitless job hunt, various other things have occured in my life, most of which are boring as fuck, so i won't even bother to even mention them to the internet... But

I Have planted an Avocado seed/stone/pip/man

I had to have an eye bath after a night of getting pissed out of my face over-indulgence after getting what feels like a coat hanger under my eyelid, admittedly this sounds a lot more interesting than it sounds (no bubble bath or nothing)
IT COST 8 bloody quid- for salty water and a plastic pot (which in my eyes does not constitute as an 'eye bath'
Seeing thi bike at the station... with some incredibly foreign Nepalese man on it....

What I love most about this is that his world tour is 9 years long! 9 years? and he's cheating! he got on the train for gods sake! if your taking a bike surely you have to ride said bike rather than take public transport...?
admittedly 9 years is looooooooooooooong at best

And this sign... I really like it :D

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