Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Well from the innermost depths of tonbridge invaded within south Easter finest train carriage sanwiched between a miriad of comuters, I once again resort to my blog as an escape from my surroundings, the stench of a days work with a hint of defeatism hang in the air... But still I cling to my endless optimism almost denying myself of reality, because today at work I gained a prize of such worth, that nothing is even comparable to the magic nestled within my man bag, because today at work I was given a spiderman comic, I hear you gasp in disgust, 'is that all?' You question with distaste and synicism...
No it is not, because this comic also comes with a bounty of toys and stickers that even the richest of men yearn for, and it is mine, without the adult guilt of purchasing it for myself, or the fear my social status will be diminished ( it wad technically a gift from a work collegue) and as a result I am more than pleased that this gift was bestowed on me...
And no, I don't feel guilty for the poor child that left this in my who left this in my shop, if you can't look after things you don't deserve to have them in the first place

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