Saturday, 28 August 2010

Just a word...

Ok so ive had a terrible half day at work and i'm seething...
things that annoy me...
Cycle lanes (or rather the absence of them) im a bike user, for many reasons, the main one being that i cannot afford to drivfe or own and insure a car. Its simple, its cheap, good for the environment, and keeps me fairly fit. In essence cycling has no negative impact on the environment after bikes are manufactured, its clean, cheap, doesn't kill polar bears, chop down trees or use any natural resources after manufacture other than the food that a cyclist eats. It also stops people from becoming OBESE.
It seems to me that cycling helps the government in several of its motives, cutting obesity and and saving the environment at the same time. SO WHY do we have a distinct lack of cycling paths in the UK?, and if the do exist why they are almost pointless, diverting off a main road for 10 yards or so where you are then diverted back onto the same road? and then theres the ones that have lamp posts in the middle of them...i mean really? you may as well just throw glass,nails and bear traps into a tunnel, with a sign saying 'cycle route' over the top of it. It seems to me that cycle routes are comprised of 'bits of pavement that arn't needed'. And when you are on a pavement with a cycle route painted on it's surface, non cyclists get angry if you ring a bell at them because they have decided to meander on a path with a 5ft wide bike painted on it...and thats if they hear you, using a bell is almost pointless, now even a fog horn wouldn't help, because when people like to loiter in areas designated for cyclists, they do so wit headphones blaring out 'PLAN B' or other such crap so they cannot hear a cyclist bellowing and swearing profusely at them to move out of the way...untill you finally have to give up and get off your bike.
In addition to this we are bullied by motor vehicles on the roads, i almost died when a lorry carved me up the other day...and i would hate to live in london where the cyclists have to share the same lanes as buses.

It just seems to me that we are doing the whole world a favour, helping the government achieve goals, and yet we get peices of road/pavement noone really wants/needs with a bike logo slapped onto it, where still we are plagued by pedestrians and motorists. If anything we should be given incentives, a pat on the back for saving lemurs and not being obese, if fat people can get NHS treatment because they cant figure out how to stop stuffing shit in their mouths then why can't we at the very least get a decent network of cycle lanes... ?

And then there's McDonalds, they arn't giving me full time work even though thats what i signed up for...this annoys me, especially when they are barely giving me part time work, infact they are giving me 10 hours a week, well minus my lunch breaks and the fact they seem to send me home early EVERY shift...i mean seriously, im getting 8 hours of paid work from them a week, this angers me in ways i cannot imagine ESPECIALLY when i get taxed 40% on my second job (which atm is my main earner).
Another thing is that i've been working there for nearly a month now, and still im treated like an utter spack, because im constantly working with different teams every time im being taught the same stuff over and over agian, and when i have already worked in catering for the last 2 years, its more than annoying, i know how to stack cups, put together orders and serve ice cream...i have a first honours degrree for god's sake, its just the computer system i need to learn and where the stock is kept, i'm not bloody psychic ...
Honest to god i almost got told off for doing something before i was asked today, and they seemed amazed when they asked me 'why did you do that?' and i answered 'because it needed doing', yes missy we don't all try and do as little work as humanly possible, instead shouting about our significant other's, or how crazy we are, you attention seeking whore of a girl, grow the fuck up, we don't care, no. Really
Also i STILL have the tightest trousers ever for my work uniform, i mean really,, you can see my helm through these things, i'm a 31 inch waist (although i usually wear a 30'' because 32'' are too big...and im currently wearing a 28' waist' this means my trousers won't fit on me when i breath in, and i feel like im some kind of gymnast when im with the inability to bend over...dispite being promised fitting trousers for 3 shifts now...

Image by Kimberley Fountain and is copyrighted and schnit

sometimes i just want to break down and stab a clown in the face

Rant over.


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