Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Reasons not to reference Wikipedia in Essays

'Don't ever reference Wikipedia' our lecturers have always said 'it's not a reliable source'
and like fools drunk on the power of knowledge and giddy like we had been drinking snakebite till 3 in the morning, we ignored them, instead using the references at the bottom of the page to skate past the issue of filling up a bibliography.
All students use wikipedia, whether they reference it or not, because it is God's middle name, it holds the power of the world, and the name just flows off the toungue, rolling about in its own reverency and facts. Students will proclain 'its not nearly as bad as it used to be since all the moderators came and ruined the fun', Granted there are no crazy rants about pokemon games inciting animal fighting within the prepubecent communities, and the article on 'Chickens' is simply about chickens not about dragons, stories about cats or turnips (Ryan North we sallute you ) And This Is Why,
but i found this gem...
I love them for their honesty and shere awesomeness, 3 misguided points for them, whoever they are :D 

For those of you who don't know it refers to animals that give birth to live young  through the retention of eggs, think of a chicken laying an egg, sucking it back in and keeping it safe untill the chicks are about to hatch, Eagle rays (and loads of other fish and cockroaches do this ;)

Source Wikipedia

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