Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Uncyclopedia- Everything that Wikipedia used to be

when searching for orange's Awesomasaurus ad campaign (which i still cannot find a picture of) i came accross Uncyclopedia, filling the gap that the new, moderated wikipedia has left (see Last post), its just full of nonsense, and occasionly some whitty well written entry turns up
''Given the controversial nature of Awesomesaurus, the genus has often been overlooked in the mainstream. Many Anning followers felt vindicated, however, when Michael Crichton included a pointed reference to Awesomesaurus in Jurassic Park.

“If we hatch an Awesomesaurus, how the hell will we feed it? Impossible. We'd need the whole rest of the island, every day of the week.”
~ Dr. Ian Malcolm (character from Jurrasic Park) on Awesomesaurus''
i checked the chicken article as well because i hoped that  Ryan north's legacy still existed... some of the best stuff i found was ii HERE

''What happened to the chicken since it was a T-Rex? In direct rebuke of the chicken's royal and reptilian aspirations, modern chicken have been so modified that now they do not so much resemble the Rex as they do the common garden slug, itself a sad parody of the more graceful snail. The science of eugenics, pioneered by evil men like Charles Darwin, Colonel C. H. Sanders, and Adolph Hitler, led to the manipulation of the chicken's once terrifying genes, twisting and changing them into something base and disgusting''

Although i see the need for a boring informative thing such as wikipedia... i still love this  :D
yeah a Nazi T-REX

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