Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Animal Welfare and the Band wagon of poorly advised people

''A middle-aged woman caught on camera dumping a cat into a wheelie bin is being offered police protection as thousands join a Facebook group protesting against her actions.

PCSOs are on duty outside the woman's home 'to ensure public order is maintained' after she was filmed stroking the tabby along a suburban street.

The woman - a bank worker from Rugby who has been interviewed by police - is then seen grabbing the cat, called Lola, by the scruff of her neck and throwing her into the green bin before slamming the lid shut.''

Ok on the face of this its actually terrible, and a breach of animal welfare, yes the cat was left in the wheelie bin for an obscene amount of time (apparently 15 hours), but i cant help but feel that it has beeen blown massively out of proportion, batterery farming still occurs
 (on such a large scale where hundreds of thousands of individuals have reduced welfare for the entirity of their lives)which is imho a much more serious welfare issue.
but frankly...
this is hillarious

i mean really? all that fuss?
and its not like i don't know what im talking about either, ive studied animal welfare...
Mini pigs for instance were origionly bred (and are still used) to measure the effects of explosions on flesh by the army, they strap them in a explosive vest and BOOM! (and que scientists)

Yeah these guys.... its all because pig flesh has a very similar desity to that of humans, and the organs are in similar places, i mean new zealand arn't using greater apes as crash test dummies any more, but stuff similar to it still does
My point is that in the grand sceme of things the act of putting a cat in a bin is barely distinguishable from gaffataping/clingfilm a groom to a lamp post the night before his wedding, no harm comes of it in the end, granted  its not very nice, but its a better fate than that of thousands of hampsters owned by school children (i should know mine drowned in a tea cup).
Animal welfare is such a sticky conversation subject although this is mainly because half of the populations doesn't really care,and the rest either don't really understand it or are crazy idealistic, short sighted hypocrites, who decide to release non indiginous predators from fur farms *COUGH* MINK *COUGH* and desecrate natural fauna and flora (this is probably why i have never seen a water vole in my life) all for the greater good apparently ...Idiots, fucking idiots
Granted some people are awesome, and although will probably make a no notable difference, do it for the good of the world,
God bless you people who are awesome
Animal extremists...well sort your life out

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