Friday, 17 September 2010

Facebook gems

I'm addicted to and hate facebook as much as the average person (massively) and generally it bores the crap out of me.
However, there are some brilliant things that do come of it, unlimited space for pictures that you want to share (if you can be bothered to wait for 15 minutes to get an error message) however today my highlights have been Fraping my brother...
note: Although its fairly entertaining actually commiting such a crime, the real joy is watching people comment on it as if he would really write such a status, this is why you have to be creative and stay away from the obvious (all be it tempting) 'is gay' or 'cannot believe i fit that in my bum' comments. Its got to seem real but still be somewhat undesirable. I could of made him fans of numerous homosexual/neonazi/justin beiber groups but it seemed far too easy...

The second thing i love is the Manatees group, the owners of which are hillarious, unlike all the other conservation based groups, these guys (i assume they are male) have taken something cool and made it awesome through the use of adult themes and the creation of earth hating, self absorbed egotistical anthropomorphized mammals.

Fucking brilliant:D and this is a relatively tame status for the manatee group. I just love the mental image this group gives of a 1930's mob comprised of manatees plotting dominion of the world

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