Thursday, 16 September 2010

Back in 'The DAY'

went into town today, did some charity shop snooping, looking for halloween costume ideas... nothing appeared to spark my interest. This was untill i went into the sweet shop and invested in.. none other than FIZZ WIZ POPPING CANDY!
Got home and shovelled this stuff in my mouth, it's like crack for kids and recovering adults... and then it began to pop, and that must be the trippiest thing ive done all year, i  was almost slightly unnerved, every mature fibre in my body was asking 'what the fuck is this stuff?' whilst my inner 5 year old was giggling and pretending the stck in his hand was a machine gun popping off veloceraptors on ski's.
I now have the an uncontrollable urge to draw with crayons, well apart from the white one. Obviously.
Also when was Fizz Wizz ever strawberry flavour? ive never noticed that - ever! Not that  it tastes like strawberry of course, all i could taste was AWESOME!
i also grabbed a bag of orange sherbert for under a quid, and im sitting here tripping off of it (i basically just downed the whole bag like a god). and you know wat?

I've never been happier :D

also why do my mums home made tomatoes look a little like brains when i cut them open?
And why has a ton of astroturf appeared in my porch?
speaking of randomly dumped crap, i went  to the dump today, man that place has gone down hill, when i was little a trip was an exciting affair, more often than not you would come back with more stuff than you went with, pirates buried treasure there, and im pretty sure Indiana jones went there to pick op the occassional item, but now its all...organised. Its like a giant filing cabinet of crap, you can't go digging for gold either, the men in high viz's shout at you 'excuse me sir- you are not allowed in the containers' and theres me wondering why you would put stairs up then... now it seems all the cool stuff is on ebay and the 'Man' has made dumps less exciting then they used to be. no wonder kid's dont behave these days- they have nothing to look forward to...

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