Thursday, 9 September 2010


Well i went to Denmark for a week , it renewed my soul and made my girlfreind very happy indeed, Denmark is basicly just england, with just as much English spoken as there is Danish (probably) and less rivers (100% less rivers infact)
Here are a few things i like about Denmark...
1. There is 1 play park for every 4 people (it seems)- and im not talking about some crappy slide or worn out rope swing, im talking META-play parks, i would live in these things... i mean this is opposite anna's mums house...
and is massive! 2 adults (one of which may or may not of been me) got lost in that thing

2. Double Decker Trains...
how is that not awesome?
3) Everywhere takes cards,
they dont charge, or have minimum amounts you have to pay, honest to god we used a card at a hotdog vendor, why the hell cant our country be like this, i hate having to scrabble around for change for a sodding coke!
4) Chocolate milk in cans
Im english so even chocolate milk on its own is a novelty, but in a can? thats badman!

every single night for a week I,  in some guise or another consumed a part of a pig, there was epic man bacon, bacon thats like an inch thick and comes in man size packs of several hundred slices, sausages, pork chops, hotdogs, pork filled birthday cakes the lot, and my stomach has never been happier, i am now, however now comprised of 32% pork :D nice

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