Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Vintage Mechanics

Ok our family has been in the possesion of an epic looking vintage sewing machine for some time, from what i understand its a singer 99k and its from the 40's/50's , needless to say it looks gorgeous. This item stem's from my grandads need to hoard old things that are made of metal and look nice (he is an engineer by trade) and fixed up this beaut and gave it to mum for nearly a year now it has been hidden within the depths of the 'crap room'. However, he recently came down and made sure it works, and now from the corner of the room it has been taunting me.

 I have always wanted a sewing machine, but always assumed i'd have a £100 plastic monstrosity that has more stitches than a trainee athlete and would come with CD roms that teach you everything from scratch, instead i get a manualless lump of cast iron with teeth in.
If anyone asked, i'd say i was afraid that i would break it, but i know full well that even if i lobbed this thing out of a first floor window, it would brush itself off, ask for a new needle and continue working as normal. Vintage things were made to last, and thats why there are so many of them today, and i know for a fact that this thing is more likely to chew my hand off then i am to to break it, i think the most fragile thing on it is the plug...
i mean look at the bottom of this thing... it's double hard
it would look right at home in a butcher shop im sure...
In essence i am terrified of it.
The thing is this it is taunting me-  'use me' it whispers as im making my toast 'we can make beautiful things together' it suggestively hisses, and with halloween coming up soon, a sewing machine would be more than usefull.
I think i need to man up, invest in some needles and bobbins and have a play, i managed to download the origional manual for it today, but the diagrams would look at home on the kypton factor, with statements such as 'lower the feed loop (item 3)' and then giving a diagramatic representation  comparable to where's wally...*sigh*
i mean seriously, what the hell is that?

and still it sits there cackling, openly mocking me

soon my pretty.

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