Friday, 1 October 2010

Work Treasures

Ok so ive been doing all manner of jobs recently, all of which occuring within my local leisure centre, where i have worked on and off for 5 years now. I've been a cleaner (almost every morning for the last fortnight), a gardener (if you can call it that), an envelope stuffer (heh heh) and basically everyone's bitch as long as i'm payed for it (i have several other job titles to gain next week).

Anyway whilst i've been doing these glamorously dull jobs i have found all manner of things: goggles, coins and LOADS of bits of metal, but like a fool i threw most of them away. BUT this week i've kept a few of them (inadvertently) and this is what i had contained in my pockets at the end of my week...
An amazing array of items i do believe.
The coin (a 5p) is only one of many i have found all week but i stick the pennies in the appropiately named 'penny jar'
 The 2 random things of metal are giant paper clips that i have bent, primarily to 'hack' into the toilet roll and soap dispensers so i can refill them. Thats recycling, innovation and improvisation at work...literally :D
However coins and paperclips are standard fair in the usual working environment, the last 4 are by far the best finds
Random number fob thing found in the shower... this means someone was naked when they dropped this...0_o looks totally like a house key fob thing and so i have put it in an appropriate place- on my key ring :D.
Below it a turtle shell rubber! found this raking the leaves in the sodding rain today for 2 hours, but this was totally worth all the labour :D ITS A GREEN TURTLE SHELL RUBBER FOR GODSSAKE!

The most random by far is the card proclaiming that the holder of said card is the protector of the crazy frog...

This intrigues me for a number of reasons, the first is that someone has gone to the effort of formulating and creating such a card, not only sinthesising this item (I totally understand making random crap out of cardboard) but laminating it too- now thats effort. I , to my recolection have never laminated anything i have made EVER, regardless of its perceived worth or awesomeness. The last reason this is odd is that crazy frog is in my opinion a dated (and hated) character (famed and flaunted by jamster mobile tones company), and so it strikes me odd, that several years after this meme surfaced, that someone has made (and lost) this card that proclaims thats they protect this annoyingly over used charcter, in of all  places- the main hall of a leisure centre (to be fair if any character (aside from justin beiber) needs protecting it is the crazy frog.
Also its just the right size to fit into a wallet just incase the holder needs to prove his or her reasons to be in the vicinity.
The biggest (and most recent) find is this huge orange... keyring? Its heavy duty and looks like it would stop my keys from sinking... and 'nautica' suggests this is true, although part of me thinks this is a clever and devious hoax designed to trick me into sending my keys to the watery depths where mermaids can try and make sense of them and use them for uses that they were not inteded for... stupid Ariel mythical beings...

im so totally keeping a log of things i find whilst working... it makes my job seem more like piracy:D

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