Sunday, 3 October 2010

Things I find at work Pt. 2

All of these i found today and they are a nice mixed batch
so some kind on nut key, a hair clip (curiously found in the mens changing room - I always find really odd stuff in there), the obligatory chunk of metal and a shopping list '2 onions, 2 pop somethingies, rosemary sprigs, sage leaves and pear barley. How very middle class, 'do pass the pear barley dear, I need something to wash these rosemary sprigs down with', actually i really like the word 'sprigs', god knows what was to be made from the contents of this list... :D
towards the end of my shift one of my coworkers kids came in 'kirby'. He can be a little tyke at times but today he came and helped me clean windows (legend) and i gave him his own little bucket and spray to help me (hes 10 so is perfectly capable of doing a decent job). Afterwards we found an ink pad and some stamps.
This was the end result...

i do especially like the one with a picture of a worm that says 'smart' as i had no understanding that worms are animals renound for their intelligence.

all in all  a good day :D

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