Saturday, 29 January 2011

Busy Busy, Russell is Awesome, Busy

I've been busy, so ridiculously busy, i have a Mahoosive job interview on tues which I've been preparing for, its more than a little interesting to say  the least
''As part of the interview process, we ask each candidate to undertake the following tasks within
their 30-minute interview slot:
•to give a five-minute talk (presentation style and media of your choice) on the European
bison Bison bonasus, suitable for a Year 2 class.
•to demonstrate briefly an original craft activity related to woodland food chains. Bring
the design template, various design stages and the finished article. The activity must be
capable of being completed by a Year 4 child working independently within 30 minutes.''
I'm not being funny but that's the coolest interview I've ever seen! I have to talk about Bison (which are admittedly not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of the most mega awesome animal in the world), hey! It'll have to do! I have plans:D big plans that have all been completed, (I'll whack em' up after its done so the internet wont put me at some form of disadvantage...
Also we get a free tour of the animal collection... sweet! but seriously, I'll be gutted if i don't get it, this job (even the interview is practically built for me, i better not cock it all up!

In other news I've been visiting the joy that is the job centre, a place that may as well have a sign on the entrance that says 'Dementors live here' Jesus Christ! I had to fight my way through the fog of depression  and fend off the stink of failure. But a guy called Russell totally made my day, with his sheer hatred for his operating system, shouting 'Bloody Shit Piece of Crap' and banging his monitor at random intervals, a feat that was made all the more hysterical owing to the fact he was in an open booth shared with 6 other staff and 20 of Camberleys finest citizens who could all hear his complaints, but still Russell didn't give a flying fuck, his discord was almost admirable, he had me in stitches, I didn't even care if i didn't get my 'failure payment'. This was comical Gold, Russell is a 40 something balding man, who had just returned from holidays and the sight of such a gentle old man cursing, bellowing and then hastily apologising 'excuse my french' or my favourite 'I'm really sorry but this is a piece of shit' hyphenated with the occasional 'for GODS SAKE' really made my day! Thank you ~Russell, you totally deserve a medal!

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