Monday, 10 January 2011

Dan's Anime of theWeek: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Filling in my spare time for the last few weeks has been code Geass, I have literally no idea why i picked this out of the endless sea on online anime, but i did, and i think it has definately been one of my better choices.
In short it is set in a future where the empire of 'Britania' has become one of the worlds super powers taking over  Japan and making the natives second class citzens. A school boy, Lelouch ends up, through a series of circumstances gaining a super power which is named 'Geass', now the title doesn't sound so ridiculous does it? and with his new found power decides to change the world .
It has everything needed for a good Anime, Mechs, School Children, superpowers and Mystic celestial themes, but its plotlines are so intricate and the characters so well thought out (Lelouch especially) that I quickly got emmersed within the story, the plot itself is fairly linear its just the viewers expectations are constantly thrown upside down and once the real story gets going you're left guessing without even realising, with many of the episodes ending with a quizzical yet intrigued gesture on my part. Its good, infact it's pretty DAMN good, you should totally watch it!
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