Friday, 5 November 2010

There is nothing more fantastically awesome to an invertebrate keeper when their insects shed ESPECIALLY when they shed to adult and ESPECIALLY when they are female (more often than not) because females are on the whole bigger, more epic (especially in the case of mantid's and phasmid's (stick insects) ) and are more productive (they make babies) and it is usually much  better to have a high female to male ratio for this reason :D

So when my sub adult female shed to adult and finally earned her wings i was more than ecstatic :D
she looks so much like a leaf!:D  males on the other hand look a bit weedy in comparison having functional wings that spoil the leaf illusion somewhat...
also i love the females facial features...
they just look a bit clueless, like a confused Tusken Raider
Vis some obscenely long blog thing

These things literally scare the crap out of me, but my little leafy is like a raider crafted from marshmallow, with a hint of green ^_^

Also my mantid's have all been shedding too, which means they are happy :D but they show no noticeable difference apart from longer legs...bless

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