Thursday, 4 November 2010

A Household Mystery

Strange things have been appearing of late within my humble abode, Firstly my kitchen was visited by a wandering mollusc, that i have christened 'Norman'

What i love about the appearance of Norman the most is my Brothers reaction to 'Chris there's a snail bombing round the kitchen' in which he replied 'Yeah he was here the other day i just left him to it' I love how my a combination of my brothers laziness and his interest in 'what will happen next' had culminated in letting a snail loose in a culinary daring.

The Mystery Currently however is that of 'The Dolphin'

He's been her for nearly a week now, and we have only just realised no one has a flamin' clue as to where he has come from...he's just appeared and has become a resident in the Alsop household, but he does look ever so happy with a bottle of Radox protruding from his rectum.

Also the Bread Fairy has visited us :D HOORAY!

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