Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Learning through Osmosis, One of the Many Uses for Anime

Ok so recently ive been on somewhat of an anime binge, somehow (don't ask me how) I have avoided becoming some form of cave dwelling creature, surfacing only to feed, but at the same time I cannot ignore the mass of anime i have had the pleasure of watching, in less than a week I've watched the entire series of 'Full Metal Alchemist' (which is bloody magnificent!) including the film (naturally), what has happened as a result however is the insatiable urge to end every ones name with 'san' which is is basically a mark of respect (from what I gather through my fairly non existent, cobbled together misguided understanding of foreign languages) because of the constant use of it (it end's everyone's name basically), in a similar way I have started referring to my brother as 'nee san' not consciously I must add, it just pops out in conversation as a result of the constant bombardment of the word in both outlaw star and especially Fullmetal Alchemist where both of he main characters are well...brothers. I cant't complain, I'm practically learning Japanese via osmosis, (well diffusion technically, as my education has hammered home the fact that osmosis only involves water). Admittedly (like pretty much every anime series I've watched) it gets bloody mental toward's the end, even Hitler join's the party! nothing makes a party like an internationally hated historical figure!
Also it's this week's anime caption....

Context...some things need it

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