Sunday, 28 August 2011

Superhero DINOSAURS!

Flicker user and artist d.r3sto* has created these fucking awesome illustrations of a selection of Cretaceous Super heroes! They are all awesome with a capital ZOMFG!!! although these are my faves ...



Captain Ameritops


All are available as prints from here

Injecting a Little Colour

This is pretty Darned cool!

Via:The Daily Mail

Through mixing coloured sugar solution with a paraffin base (in order to allow the drops to retain their shape), Scientist Dr Babu managed to change colour of some ants in his back garden, owing to the translucent nature of the ants abdomens, apparently the ants had a preference for lighter colours favouring yellow and green over darker red and blue...
thank god he's not wasting his time on curing cancer...

Printable Full Disguise

Just in case you ever needed one....
Full size available here!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sharky and George

Shark attacks newlywed, its like something off of jaws, this cold blooded 'beast' is picking off tourists, granted dying isn't the most pleasant of past times, but is no one really looking below the surface at the real problems?
Sharks are becoming increasingly scarce within our oceans due to pollution, over fishing of prey items and of course the fishing otf sharks I the only one to sit back in my chair and predict the inevitable 'witch hunt' which is bound to ensue, and think its all a little sad?
Granted sharks scare the absolute crap out of me, hell swimming in large expanses of water scares me enough, even seaweed is creepy as fuck with its long creepy tendrills, and don't even get me started on squid. But my take of it all is that sharks stopped evolving millions of years ago, they earned their right to live in the seas, after fighting of ichtyosaurs and a spattering of the cretacious, and now even killer whales have started bullying them, the once apex predator of the seas has been pushed into a dustbin by none other than free Willy, those cetaceans are organised.
I think my overall point is that sharks have it hard enough already without tourist boards getting all apocolyptic on their ass, and I wonder how many extra sharks will die solely as a result of all this palava?