Thursday, 8 April 2010

Ahhhh Bless...

What a Gorgeous Day!
went for a massive attacker walk it was snazztastic :D

in other news i found this picture adorable, its 2 baby Plytapuses, which all us animal bod's know as 'puggles' could they get any cuter?...

its from this blog, which is composed almost entirely from pictures of cute animals, if i didn't have to be constantly proving my manlyness, id so be on this all the time, i think i'll stick to Dinosaurs

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

And so...A Star is Born

Ok so ive started a Blog, for 2 reasons really, the first being that it is on the list of things to do before i die, the second being that i have a dissertation to hand in within a fortnight, so im procrastinating like a don

found this, which is awesome, and will probably fill my life up, alongside Pokemon, and my fetish for discarded cardboard (but we dont ever talk about that)

procrastinate AHOY!

oh and note to self, learn to knitt

[Dino linky]